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Only objective is to make you a Successful Solo Salesforce Professional even if you have no prior CRM experience.

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  • One million jobs in Salesforce domain by 2019 :- IDC White Paper
  • Salesforce professionals earn 50% more than peers :- Indeed Research Data
  • 91 percent of companies using Salesforce noted that their marketing teams now have a “strong executive voice.” :- MIT 
  • Salesforce’s strategies for the future in regard to mobile and analytics, this CRM tool will be commonplace in every office :- MIT     
This course is designed to ensure that you learn Salesforce, master the concepts of both Salesforce Administrator and Development. It takes you from beginner to advanced level and is the most comprehensive course available online today. 

Please do not join if you are not serious enough to grow in your professional life and work hard. This course is not for time passers. Serious effort has gone into creating this course. This is a professional course and will require equal amount of hard work and discipline from you and I can guarantee the results will follow accordingly.

The demand for Salesforce experts is growing exponentially and the companies are looking for knowledgeable professionals, learning this skill has become a necessity more than requirement. Salesforce is a game changing SAAS based multi tenant technology and Customer Relationship Management cloud software that addresses all customer interface concerns, from sales and marketing to customer service, streamlining enterprise and saving invaluable time and resources.

Salesforce market is growing very fast and it has become an industry leader in providing Cloud based Applications. It has been selling lot of new Licenses for both SAAS and PAAS thus generating high volume of job opportunities across the globe. There is a huge requirement for Salesforce professionals. Salesforce professionals are currently the most sought after in the IT industry. Almost all Tier I and Tier II companies have been looking for good resources trained in Salesforce. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to accelerate his/her career by becoming a Salesforce trained professional. You can build your career by choosing the following streams:

Sales Force Administrator: Administrators are critical to a company’s success with Salesforce CRM. With administrator training, you get the core knowledge you need to take on the responsibilities of this job.

Sales Force Developers: Sales Force Developers customize the Sales Force CRM Applications to meet the customer requirements. They are the back bone for handling any complex requirements that need modification to existing Salesforce CRM Application or Custom Applications.

Sales Force Consultants: Functional Consultants are key resources that interact with customer to understand their Business Requirements and map it to Salesforce CRM Applications. They also do GAP Analysis, design and deploy Salesforce CRM solutions.

This Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners provides knowledge for all Salesforce Job streams and is the best Salesforce online training course available till date.

Career growth in Sales Force is exponential as this is a niche skill and not many good resources are available to meet the rising demand. People procrastinating and researching on How to learn salesforce can immediately start their career after taking this course. After 5+ year of experience on implementation you climb the ladder and reach at consulting level positions. The beauty of Salesforce is that even Non-technical persons can also build their career in Salesforce by becoming Salesforce Admins or Functional Consultants.

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"You have done a Fabulous Job, your explanation is beyond words. Your Trigger Tutorial also helped me my project. I have even taken training at an Institute in the past paying large fee but It was pathetic and Thankfully I found this Link. keep up the Great work, All the best :)"
- Priyanka (now Salesforce Consultant )
"Excellent course to get started with as a beginner. I was very happy with the short length videos covering the main concepts to practise and remember.Overall it greatly helped me gain good understanding of salesforce and gain confidence."
- Shital (now Salesforce Administrator)
"Excellent stuff. Better than Salesforce 101."
- Mike (now Salesforce Entrepreneur)
"Very helpful course.... It teaches every thing about customization as well as Coding including very rare but important concepts. Thank Prateek for uploading this course."
- Jai Singh ( now Salesforce Senior Developer)
"Really very nice stuff for customization and coding. thank you prateek.."
- Neha ( now Salesforce Senior Developer)
"Hi, You have done a great Job. I have been searching for a comprehensive course since long. Thanks a lot for this."
- Abhinav ( now Salesforce Freelancer)
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Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Course
Understanding Salesforce Editions
A Typical Salesforce Implementation Project LifeCycle
Creating Application and The First Object - Hands On
Custom Fields on Custom Object
Header Object for Invoice Statement
Child Object for Invoice Line Items
Salesforce Relationships - The Best Explanation
Roll Up Summary
Workflow - Automatically Pull Price from Merchandise
Workflow - Deduct Stock From Inventory
Validation Rule to verify Stock
Validation Rules to Make Feild Mandatory
Validation Rules on Checkbox
Field Dependencies
Cross Object Validation Rule
Record Types and Page Layouts
Lead Process and Sales Process
Home Page Layout and Components
Creating New User
Enabling Login Access for System Admins
Profiles Demystified
Organization Wide Defaults - The Starting Point
Also known as OWD Continued
OWD and Profiles Hands On
Roles Hands On
Permission Sets Hands On
Report Builder
Tabular Report
Summary Report
Conditional Highlighting
Matrix Report
Matrix Report Hands On
Joined Reports
Custom Report Type
Scheduling a Report
Dashboards Hands On
1. Introdcution and Business requirement Document
2. Creating the Objects and Fields
3. Identifying the Relationships
4. Adding Some Automation through Roll Up Summary
5. Automating through Workflows