Complete Salesforce Integration Training Course

Learn complete SOAP and REST step by step from scratch.

Any business is an interface of many applications and most of the applications have huge trouble working with one another when put together. All of them are mostly not capable of integrating with each other and working together. It may be because of the different architectures or different versions of the architectures. But why should we integrate different applications in the first place? Integration will help in achieving good consistency, operational efficiency, and quality. Sometimes, in software development models, you will have to integrate each layer separately. For salesforce integration, there are quite many integration tools available in the market but none of them can accomplish the salesforce integration alone. A custom code should be used to deliver the expected results. Here is when this course will be of great help to you. This online course on Salesforce integration covers all the integration options related to the Salesforce platform and other applications.

Did you know that Salesforce provides various out of the box features mainly for integration with other applications? It does this by using various syndication feeds, native connectors and other applications available on app exchange. This course will give you a complete roundup about the various integration points, methods to invoke Web services from the platform and ways to expose apex classes as web services and much more. This unique course begins from the very basics and proceeds to advanced level. A step by step approach is followed in this course where every line of code will be manually written during execution. What are you waiting for? Take up this unique integration course now.
Course Objectives
After taking up this course on Salesforce Integration, you will:

  • Be able to integrate any 3rd party application with Salesforce using both SOAP and REST
  • Understand the difference between SOAP and REST
  • Know which integration technology to use under different scenarios
  • Be able to authenticate successfully through API
  • Learn about the various HTTP methods
Who is this course for?
This course is for those of you who are interested in studying for Platform Developer II Salesforce Certification Exam. It is a complete roundup course for Developers, Admins, Consultants, End Users, etc. It is also for anyone who is looking to improve their Apex Programming Skills.

Introduction to course
2. What is a Web Service.mp4
3. SOAP.mp4
4. REST.mp4
5. Types of Integrations.mp4
6. Enterprise or Partner WSDL.mp4
7. Overview of the complete Process.mp4
8. Syntax.mp4
9. Webservice Class.mp4
10. Authentication Info.mp4
11. Consuming and Parsing the WSDLs.mp4
12. Remote Site Settings.mp4
13. Building the Connection.mp4
14. VisualForce Page.mp4
15. Testing the Connection.mp4
16. Passing SessionId to Custom Class.mp4
17. Calling the Method to perform required Operation.mp4
1. Introduction.mp4
2. Download and Configure Eclipse.mp4
3. Authentication Overview.mp4
4. Configuring Connected App.mp4
5. Compiling the Required Info together.mp4
6. Import HTTP and JSON Jar Files.mp4
7. Defining Variables.mp4
8. Building the URL.mp4
9. Http Post.mp4
10. Parsing JSON Response.mp4
11. Executing the Code.mp4
12. Building POST Method to Create Record.mp4
13. Building the Post Header.mp4
14. Executing POST.mp4
15. HttpGet to Query Records.mp4

What's included

  • 32 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion